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Worldwide there is a significant shortage of competent qualified eye doctors performing even the most basic forms of eye care, to say nothing of the lack of skill and training for simple eye surgeries. At times it is easy for the more privileged nations to forget the ease and accessibility of care most of us can simply get in our cars and drive to within minutes.

Sight is a gift, one that we all have come to expect and cherish. When one’s sight is gone or impaired, the quality of life drastically decreases. Visual freedom is something that the Clear Vision Foundation (OR Northwest Eye Foundation) is trying to share with our own small section of the planet right here in Eugene, Oregon, but also, we are bringing that same visual freedom to the world at large.

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At Clear Vision Foundation we are continually looking for volunteers around the world to help assist communities in their corner of the world and beyond. If you are interested in joining us in helping those who desperately need basic eye care, as well as advanced surgeries, to improve their quality of life, please contact us. We need all of the help and support we can get.

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About Us

At Clear Vision Foundation, our goal is train current medical professionals as well as the next generation of eye care providers. We wish to educate local ophthalmologists and optometrists in the latest eye care techniques and surgical procedures to provide the care needed.

Education is the cornerstone of healthcare and we wish to be able to provide the education, support and tools necessary so that everyone can live a life free of the worry of basic vision issues.

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