ResearchResearch is a key element to improving eye care around the world. Clear Vision Foundation’s staff and members are highly active in researching improvements to eye care and finding new and better ways to perform surgical and non-surgical techniques to improve one’s vision.

Dr. Ambati heads a research team working on projects to develop new drugs for macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and corneal blindness. This research is funded in part by the National Eye Institute.

Dr. Ambati’s laboratory has discovered and developed:

  1. The basis for what keeps the cornea clear
  2. Novel approaches to fight abnormal blood vessels in the eye by targeting pathways inside cells
  3. Gene therapies for long-term treatment of macular degeneration
  4. A biodegradable implant that will enable drop-free cataract surgery
  5. An eyedrop for keratoconus that induces crosslinking of the cornea without surgery